Mary-Ann's range of products

This is a list of some of our existing Mary-Ann’s products and our expanded Natural Way range, we intend to expand this range as and when needed. Our aim is to supply our customers with the products they want and need from food, to clothing and bedding and even environmentally friendly cars if we can! The idea is for you to eventually shop on line for everything you need to follow The Natural Way or your own natural health lifestyle, while benefitting financially by getting discounted prices and be able to earn a decent income from your home depending on how many people you tell about the products; AND have your products delivered to your front door.

So as we grow, we will add the products you want and need in the quantities you want and need. In time we may not need to go anywhere near a shopping centre!

TREATS: Carob Bars: Delicious alternate to chocolate; caffeine, sugar & artificial sweetener free. Ideal for children, adults, diabetics.

Sweetened with fructose as it does not upset your blood sugar. Coconut, Raisin and Pecan, date and orange peel available Halva Bar: Natures’ energy bar, made from raisins, dates & tahini.

The ideal convenient pick-me-up for the sportsman, executive, mother, child, etc. Seed Bars: Sesame and sunflower, packed full of protein, held together with raw honey. Endurance and Recovery bars – best for all kinds of sports Wheat-free oat bars: Made with oats, honey, dates, coconut and honey, plain and carob coated available Cashew & Date fudge also dipped in carob.

DRIED FRUIT: The tastiest range of dried fruit, available seasonally. All completely preservative free and non-irradiated. Dried pineapple, dates, peaches, pears, raisins available seasonally. Dried apple rings dipped in almonds, coconut, carob, cinnamon, honey etc.

GROCERIES: Brown rice, polenta, organic oats, muesli (granola) wheat free and grain free, gluten free pastas made with rice flour, gluten free baking mixes, olive oil, organic salts, vegetable stock, honey, and more. BOOKS, DVDs: All Mary-Ann’s books plus other books like The China Study, a variety of local natural recipe books & more than 30 DVDs on healthy living.

COURSES: The Natural Health and Nutrition course and the Natural Health Consulting course.

SKIN & HAIR CARE & MAKEUP: Imported Skincare, haircare and makeup as well as our own local NW range of natural skincare and personal products.

KITCHEN & TABLE WARE: Equipment that we have tried and tested ourselves, in our restaurant, to make sure they can stand the rigors of vegan cooking.